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It can be slow going….

…to revitalize the organization or business team you lead....

…to transform where you’re employed into a winning workplace….

…to make your job or career more satisfying, empowering and fulfilling….

…to energize your personal growth and relationships.

The challenges you face are huge:

  • The people I manage need to be “re-recruited.” How do I revive employee commitment, trust and confidence? How do I keep from growing jaded myself or totally burning out?
  • We’re long overdue for a corporate change initiative that really succeeds. How do we focus forward? Lock in support for a fresh start? Carry through so that innovation “sticks” this time?
  • Effective communication oils business teams and strengthens customer relations. It nourishes personal ties. How do I get through to different people in different situations? What kind of questions will get me answers I urgently need to know? How do I refine my listening skills to understand what a subordinate, co-worker, boss or my life partner really means to say, but is fumbling? How about to catch the critical messages people sometimes send without words?
  • My work and private worlds must balance. How do I make a life at the same time I’m making a living? Reduce stress? Value the people that ease my load and better show my appreciation?
  • I want my mind opened by irresistible humor. My heart compelled by unflinching honesty. I want someone to rally me, giving me know-how, tactics, tools and messages that I can use to raise my organization’s standards and rise to my potential. Who can galvanize me like that?

Silver Rose puts people and organizations into play faster than you might think possible. She unshackles them with her liberating wit and her “So-that’s-how-you-do-it!” insights. With intimate episodes shared from her own life, she opens wellsprings of courage, loyalty and commitment in others. She teaches cut-to-the-chase skills in employee motivation, talent recruitment and retention, workforce training and development, successful change management and how to nurture relationships and sustain lifelong personal growth.

The results? Bold breakthroughs in focusing power and velocity that move you and your organization a giant step ahead.

Cross Oprah Winfrey with Murphy Brown, and Silver Rose would appear!

Employees, managers and executives of more than 100 corporations, companies, associations and other organizations—as well as numerous private coaching clients—affectionately call Silver Rose “The Practical Motivator.” They know Silver as a warm and funny, smart and savvy guide who patiently and expertly keeps them moving toward their goals.

Following Silver in learning how to focus positively, people are able to develop meaningful, gratifying work and supportive personal relationships. They thrive. So do their companies, organizations and families!

Uniquely, Silver Rose serves up the expertise of a former top-rung HR executive with a down-to-earth style and an infectiously funny wit that she honed in an earlier career as a stand-up comedienne. People connect instantly with Silver in her invigorating mix of fun, laughter and learning. And with her dead-on content and signature verve, she holds and energizes keynote crowds, workshop teams or even audiences of just one. From start to finish.

Credit Silver Rose with another source of universal appeal…she’s undeniably authentic!

Three decades of struggle before triumphing over clinical depression leave Silver Rose absolutely without pretension. Her daring adoption of two deeply withdrawn teens as a single mother and success in raising them into happy young women testifies to the empathy and understanding that Silver brings to helping others. Relating these and other poignant personal stories, Silver makes all her speaking, training and coaching engagements arrestingly vivid and inspiring.

For effective lessons and genuine breakthroughs in employee motivation and engagement, organizational development and change management and personal relationships and growth, call on Silver Rose—truly “The Practical Motivator”!

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Silver's Services


As an opening keynoter, Silver Rose can launch your event with a blend of laughter, unforgettable content and inspirational propellant that will send people’s thinking, spirits and imaginations into high flight. Or, tap Silver as a nimble emcee, astute facilitator, graceful moderator, entertaining luncheon or dinner personality or powerful closing speaker. However she stars for your audience, Silver has the presence, natural ease and polished delivery to keep your gathering soaring to its final minute!

Choose the popular Silver Rose keynote presentation best for your people, organization and occasion:

  • Change Your Focus, Change Your Life! The Science of Success.
    • Why optimists get more out of life and work—and live longer to enjoy it.
    • How winners focus for consistent personal and professional progress.
    • Creating tranquility amid turmoil.
  • Refilling When You’re Running On Empty: How to Practice Passionate Self-care.
    • Heed your “instinct for revival.”
    • What to surrender so you can regain control.
    • Finding refuge in the eye of the storm.

"Since word spread about Silver Rose after she first spoke to us in the fall of 2000, she has been a top draw, with SRO crowds at her presentations to our last two major conferences.”
- Virginia Hamilton, Director, California Workforce Association

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Silver Rose conducts acclaimed, fully customizable workshops: 90-minute sessions into which she has distilled the very best of her wide experience and nuts-and-bolts know-how. In them, attendees learn researched, reliable and simple-to-take steps that they can take at once to self-generate satisfaction and happiness in their profession and outside their work. (A bonus your people will surely appreciate!)

Add on workshops for experienced as well as newly promoted team and shift leaders; project, operations and medical managers; production and customer service supervisors; and service- front- and help-desk managers.

You’ll benefit these frontline change agents with dozens of Silver’s tested leadership-improvement tips and techniques. As your supervisory personnel use this knowledge to boost the engagement and performance of line staff, your organization will reap a double return on its training and development dollars!

Silver’s practical, engaging and powerfully effective workshops are formatted in three series of four 90-minute modules each. Independently combinable, the segments can be configured into full- or half-day programs. All allow special tailoring for the needs of healthcare, hospitality, financial, manufacturing, retail, government, educational and non-profit organizations, small or large. For even more flexibility and convenience, individual segments can be presented as stand-alone programs.

  • Relationship Reinforcement In The Workplace and It’s Work, Not Group Therapy! form the eight-module Employee Development Series.
  • Get Others To Do What Needs To Be Done—Willingly! forms the four-module Leadership Series.

Silver leads every workshop in a laugh-filled and highly interactive atmosphere, the kind in which people learn fastest and best. They emerge with the indispensable skills every organization relies on to optimize workforce morale, retention, performance and productivity. Here’s a sampling:

  • An approach to work that naturally lightens everyone’s load.
  • Easy-to-use tools for fluid communications up, down and across the organization.
  • Techniques to fence-out rivalries and ego-tripping, to turn resistance and complaints into energy and commitment and to handle busybodies, boors and bullies.
  • Methods to learn exactly what people need to do their best work.
  • Surefire ways to enroll people in building strong teams and a positive workplace.
  • How to “respond” instead of “react” when emotionally stressed.
  • Questions, not directions that prompt people to cooperate for and with you.

“You can learn more from Silver Rose in 90 minutes than from most other trainers in two days!”
- Ronnie Costa, Coordinator, Employee Assistance Program Enrollments, City of Phoenix, AZ

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Executive and Personal Coaching

If you’ve ever wanted to check your thinking or run your ideas by an insightful and unbiased third party, Silver Rose is a smart choice. With her “just-in-time” confidential coaching for individuals, Silver is a standard-bearer of sound and humane principles by which to chart your way effectively through work and life.

Whether you’re a manager coping with intense organizational pressures, a professional searching for informed advice on your next career step or choice or an entrepreneur suddenly feeling “all alone,” Silver can help you calibrate your perspective, distinguish your options and position yourself to springboard to future success and happiness.

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