Speaker & Coach

Silver Rose, a Speaker and a Coach works with professionals to increase their influence, and sales teams to beat their numbers, by asking the right questions.

Silver’s fascination with questions

Silver became enamored with the power of questions when she began her coaching practice in 1998.  Unlike consulting where people pay for your subject matter expertise, coaching involves using the Socratic method of posing questions to get clients to reveal the answers they are seeking and to generate their own enthusiasm for achieving their goals.

“As my work progressed, I began to see the powerful application of this process across most aspects of business and life,” Silver writes.  “The very best salespeople are those who know how to ask good questions. Effective leaders don’t tell their teams what to do; they ask questions that empower their people to find solutions themselves. In other words, the most influential people are the ones who engage others by asking the right questions.”

“One day I ran across a quote by a woman named Esther Hicks that sums it up beautifully, ‘An answer to a question no one asked is a wasted answer.’ From that one idea I began to see clearly how much time we waste and how frustrated we become by giving unsolicited advice to people who never asked for it and aren’t paying any attention. And that’s when my work on this subject began to deepen to what it is today.”

Today Silver works with individuals and groups to increase their influence by using the power of questions. Whether you are a leader wanting your team to take ownership of their roles, a salesperson who wants to increase your numbers or a customer service rep who wants to do better for the clients you serve, working with Silver will give you the tools to achieve the results you seek.

The Story

Silver was born and grew up in Boston. She went to San Diego City College, majoring in Journalism. When her family moved to Nevada she joined them and began her meteoric career. She was Administrative Assistant to the Governor of Nevada at 23. At age 25, she owned an insurance agency.

Silver was selected as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America. She was recruited by a British Media Tycoon to be his second in command including serving as Creative Director and Head of Sales. For the next 20 years she was in the Computer industry where her three specialties were Human Resources, Sales and Marketing.

Three of her management positions included Manager of Sales Database, Manager of Marketing Intelligence and Vice President of Sales & Marketing where she grew sales by 250%.

For the last decade, Silver has been a Professional Speaker, heading her own Management Consulting and Executive Coaching Practice. Her late life partner advised on and managed investments for pension funds. Silver says he was her greatest teacher.


Silver takes her work seriously but not herself. She learned this from doing over 100 Standup Comedy Club Presentations. Drawing on her vast experience, she approaches serious subjects with a light touch. She immediately connects with the audience, talking with them, not at them in a relaxed, fun and easy style. They leave feeling good about themselves, and upbeat.


Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates, Wells Fargo Bank, Bristol Myers Squibb, American Association of Certified Public Managers, Ability Counts! for the Disabled Community, 15th Annual Aging Well Conference, Arizona Courts Association, Best Western International, BNSF Railroad, Farmers Insurance, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference, Hilton Hotels, Raymond James, Kaiser Permanente, Land Title Association, Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Providers, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Best Western Hotels, Trinity Health, California Association of Women in Community Colleges, Association of Practice Managers, Security Title Company, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Women Entrepreneurs Boot Camp, Phoenix Convention Center, State of Maryland, No Dakota Governor’s Workforce Summit, Oregon Medical Group Managers Association and California Workforce Association.